White Labeling Repumatic







Do you represent a company that may be interested in white labeling Repumatic? Great, please fill in your information here http://repumatic.com/home/consultants

We are finalizing  V 1.0 of the reseller backend that will provide the following features,

– One master login that will allow you to instantly switch between client accounts.
– Low pricing levels. You can start small and work your way up.
– Full white labeling capability. Easily replace the Repumatic logo with your brand.
– No setup fees. No long term contracts.
– You set your own pricing. Use Repumatic by itself or in addition to your current Reputation Management process.
– Instantly launch Branding sites and Controlled Review portals for clients.
– Give your client’s a custom login to the backend where they only see their account and your logo (optional).
– Much more to come!