Improving the Appearance of your Repumatic Branding Sites

This is a quick tutorial that will show you some simple steps you can take to make major aesthetic improvements to your branding sites.

Let’s take a quick look at a branding site we published in about 20 seconds. This is a basic site with a post that search engines will rank within a few weeks under the individual or company name.

( – Click image for full size)

To do this we,

1) Click > Branding Sites > Launch SItes
2) Entered joename in the box > Click Publish
3) Click > Control Center > Add Post > Publish

Now in this example we took the exact same site and spent about 10 minutes making some aesthetic improvements. In this branding site there are no spammy advertisements and it comes across clean, informative, and professional.

 – Click image for full size)

So, how did we do it? It’s actually pretty easy. Check out the step by step instructions below,

#1 We decided to switch out the theme of to something a little more bright and clean.

activate3Click Branding Sites > Launch/View Sites > Current Sites > Blue Mountain Icon

Select theme and click Activate

#2 We decided to include an Executive Photo and Bio in the sidebar.


Click Branding Sites > Launch/View Sites > Current Sites > Executive Photo Icon


Select the Branding Site to at top, upload photo, and enter bio info and links to your social media accounts.

#3 We decided to add a few links in the sidebar to positive press about Joe Name. 

Click Link Boost > Add Links > Enter Web Site Title and URL to link.

#4 We decided to add a a picture of Joes’ Office in the post

Click the Add Image Icon in the Post Box. Upload Photo and Insert into Post.

That’s It! 


Real Time Campaign Tracking for Concierge and Premium Accounts

Premium Users can now download 6 Month Reputation Management Campaign Templates to track their progress each month.


In the Control Center Click Results/Tracking >> Campaign Templates

Concierge Clients can login to their Premium Account and see the work plan for their 6 Month Reputation Management Campaign. Here you can view the new sites that are created each month and double check to make sure we are on schedule, but we always are 🙂

In the Control Center Click Results/Tracking >> Track Work



10 ways Reputation Management Software can Help You Land a Big Job

It is now estimated that over 80% of employers Google job seekers. Here are 10 ways you can use Reputation Management Software to help you land that next big job.

1)      Add professional photos to your Google image results

That one of you holding up a margarita and yelling at the camera seemed like a good idea at the time. Your potential  employer probably did the same thing last weekend, but he is looking to hire someone who is more serious than he is.  That’s how he got where he is today. Reputation Management Software platforms like Repumatic allow you to add photos to your branding sites. Multiple photos on multiple domains will fill up those Google image results with nice, professional photos. Wow, you look so put together. Win!

2)      Build links to your positive sites

Remember that story about the time you jumped in front of an 18 wheeler to save a cat? It made the local newspapers, but it’s on page 3 of your Google results. Plus, your potential employer loves cats! That’s blatant internet injustice. With Reputation Management Software, you can build links to that story. Why? Well, links sort of count like votes in Google. Building links to the content should help it rise in the ranks when people Google you.

3)      Give your social media sites a boost

Would you rather have a million dollars or a million followers? Followers of course, right? Most Reputation Management Software platforms have tools to help streamline your social media posting and increase popularity.

4)      Get Reputation Management tips and tricks

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned shortcut? Many Reputation Management Software platforms provide tips and tricks to speed up your reputation results in Google and other search engines.

5)      Suppress the sites you don’t like in your Google results

Someone with your name streaked at a high school basketball game back in the day. This is an immediate turnoff to a potential employer. Even if it wasn’t you, it’s still your problem. Your future boss just clicked the link and is already moving on to the next applicant. They don’t want you running naked on your last day at the office. Reputation Management Software provides tools that are designed to maximize your positive exposure in Google and minimize the stuff you don’t want there. It’s not an easy process, but without the right tools it’s near impossible.

6)      Create branding sites to help fill up your Google results

Because you’re super interesting! No, not just to your parents and grandparents. That’s a lie. You are especially interesting to someone who is deciding whether or not they want to hire you. Branding sites give the employer more than just generic info about previous places you worked. They also look great in your Google results. Reputation Management Software platforms like Repumatic allow to you to choose from over 170 branding sites on premium domains. You can launch one for your career accomplishments, travel diary, poetry, just about anything that interests you. By segmenting the branding sites on multiple domains, they take up more positive space in your Google results and strengthen your web presence. Give the employer a nice, informative, sampling of quality content when they Google you.

7)      Receive an alert if people are talking about you online

You sell human hair and you deliver? That’s what it says on Craigslist.  Your friend thought it would be a funny practical joke. But your future employer is confused and freaked out right now. What if your friend forgot he posted that and you don’t regularly Google yourself either? That ad has probably been sitting in your top 10 Google results for months. The same loser friend told you to keep your head up during your fruitless job search. Reputation Management Software usually has built in monitoring solutions that let you know ASAP if someone is messing with you online.

8)      Impress your potential employer with a large, well rounded web presence

Wow, you are active on social media. There are multiple professional sites showing your work history. Your potential employer is now reading a site in your search results that details a mission trip you took to Mexico. You strike her as focused and self-disciplined. Hired!

9)      Protect your Google results from future attacks

Congratulations! You got the job! Now after only 12 months you are up for a promotion. That means you are probably getting Googled again by somebody. That somebody plays a significant role in whether or not you receive that promotion. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but you recently broke up with someone who is currently calling you mean names on various web pages you’ve never heard of. You check your Google results. Ahhhh. Those comments are having a tough time moving to page 1 of your search results since so many other positive sites are filling up the space. Reputation Management Software is built to help you control your first few pages of search results.

10)   Career Legacy

Can you Google your great grandparents and get a wealth of information in the search results? Probably not, but wouldn’t that be cool if you could? You’re great grandkids will be able to Google you and they will definitely be interested in what they find.  They will probably have to sort through hundreds of pages of misinformation, public databases, and the like. With Reputation Management Software like Repumatic you can move the sites you approve of with authentic information higher in your Google results.

Your Search Results are vital in your job hunt and future career plans. Take Control of them with a solid Reputation Management strategy and software platform.

Permission to Republish is granted so long as Article remains unedited.

For Full Scale Reputation Management Software check out Repumatic.


Fully Customizeable Branding Sites

Repumatic contains over 100 branding sites on premium domains. Users can instantly launch accounts on these niche based sites to add more positive listings to their search results.

Currently users have the option to choose between 3 designs per branding site. We will soon be releasing a fourth option that will allow total control over the look and feel of branding sites. This option will be empowered by a unique and simple drag and drop interface.

We will post an update here when the total control option is ready. Have a great day working on your reputation!


Reputation Management Secret Blog

Repumatic Users will notice a new link in their top nav,





A core part of our daily strategy is studying search engine algortihmic changes and how they effect reputation management campaigns. The Secret ORM blog is where we post our findings. We provide information on whitehat techniques and grayhat for informational purposes. For more information please go to 


The Importance of Updating Your Sites

A major part of the reputation management process is building a network of web sites about you or your company. Typically the average entity will have 10-20 sites they want to rank throughout their top 30. This can suppress unwanted web sites and protect the person or company from any future unwanted web sites appearing high in their Google results.

Building the site network is easy, especially with tools like Repumatic. You can launch a 20 site branding network in less than 5 minutes, throw in your twitter, linkedin, facebook, dot com, and you pretty much have your entire reputation management infrastructure built. That’s great, but it does leave you with a large task – keeping that 20+ network of sites updated with unique content.

How should we update the sites?
How often do we update?
What kind of updates?
How long should they be?
Who should write the updates?

These are the five main questions most people have. We will address each one below that should provide a general guideline to your updating process.

How should we update the sites?

Use Repumatic! The software is designed to streamline the updating process. In your Control Center simply click the drop down arrow and it will instantly show your branding sites and the last date they were posted to. Select the site that you want to post to, enter title and description, click publish. You never have to leave the front page of the Repumatic dashboard to update your branding sites.







For other sites like Facebook, Linkedin, etc simply click “Other Sites” in your Control Center and and you can remotely publish to your account on leading social media and blog sites.













You can also autopost to your branding sites in Repumatic. One idea here is to have yourself or a freelance writer create 100 snippets (3-5 sentence updates) and have Repumatic autopost those to your branding sites once a month for xx months.











How often do we update?

This depends on the content. If you have something unique to say that people will find interesting then weekly is great. If the update is biographical in nature and not that interesting and similar to the previous updates on the specific site then once every 3-6 months is fine. Search engines like Google have all sorts of algorithms. One of them is known as QDF meaning Quarry Deserves Freshness. You get the idea. They want to see sites in their index that are kept updated – Fresh.

What kind of updates?

No matter what, the content has to be unique in grammatical structure. Copying one post and adding it to multiple sites is a big no no! Search engines have duplicate content algorithms. The best updates you can provide would be unique and engaging content for the reader. But let’s face it, sometimes that just isn’t practical. In that case just make sure the update isn’t a clone of previous updates. Mix it up as much as possible! Think content diversity in your posts. Do you already have a ton of biographical posts about your company on your site networks? Then for the next round create some posts on the nonprofit you have teamed up with or the new software that will improve your client’s performance etc.

How long should the updates be?

A 20 word update is better than no update, but a 200 word update is better than a 20 word update. 500 word + updates we find to be unnecessary and of little help in ranking.

Who should write the updates?

This is a tough question. For the content to be unique and engaging it probably has to be written by you. Nobody knows you or your company better than you do., etc. The problem of course is that you have other things to do. So one option is to engage freelance writers on sites like  Typically you pay around $5-10 for a 200-300 word article. If you are writing about your company then it may make sense to have a member of your staff take over this task. If you are writing about yourself then you might want to keep the updates short and sweet and limited to every 3-6 months per site.

To sum it all up. Updates are good. Search engines like updates. Just do the best you can with the time and resources available to you.


5 Simple Rules for High Ranking Content in a Reputation Management Campaign

1)      Unique Content

Any site that you would like to rank high under the name of a client will need unique content. The site should have a minimum of 100 words, ideally more, that have not been copied from another web site that is already published. Search engines like Google have duplicate content algorithms. This means that if you launch 10 sites and post the same article to all 10 sites, only 1 will rank well. The other 9 will get flagged in the duplicate content algorithms and never rank, regardless of any other positive SEO factors the 9 sites may have. As a rule of thumb, you want to use human writers over article spinning software. There are a variety of services like TextBroker, where you can quickly connect with writers. A 250-300 word article from a professional, English speaking writer will usually cost around $10.

2)      Keyword Usage

The name of your client should be listed in the Site URL, Site Title, and several times within the content of the site. If you would like a particular site to rank high for “Tridant Financial” but only list the keyword “Trident Financial” once on the page, not in the title or URL, the site will have a very difficult time ranking high under “Tridant Financial”. Here is an example of good keyword usage,

Site Title – Tridant Financial News and Information


Tridant Financial used 3-10x in the article or post.

3)      Backlinks

Gone are the days of purchasing high quality backlinks and watching your sites shoot up in Google. In a Reputation Management campaign, you are trying to rank sites that are approved by the client under their name, not under a keyword, such as “Viagra”. Therefore, it’s generally much easier to rank new content under a client name than in a highly competitive niche where hundreds of competitors are running SEO campaigns. However, a Reputation Management company has the burden of ranking multiple sites in the top 10, and crowding out the unwanted content under the client’s name. In a Reputation Management campaign, backlinks serve mainly these three purposes:

–          Get search engines to index the site faster.

–          Show search engines this is valuable content.

–          Get search engines to index the site updates faster.

You will need a manual backlinking program in your Reputation Management campaigns. You can use the Speed Ranker service from Repumatic or a variety of other backlinking services.

4)      Updated Content

For most clients you will be building a network of positive sites plus backlinking their current positive press. It’s important to keep their site network updated. This shows search engines like Google that these sites are fresh. A rule of thumb is to weekly, monthly, or bimonthly add a snippet to each site. A snippet is a quick update, usually 2-5 sentences and, of course, contains unique content. In Repumatic, we will soon be launching Autoposting capabilities. This will enable you to upload your snippets and command Repumatic to post to your clients’ sites at unique intervals, i.e. 7 days, 40 days, etc.

5)      Using catchy Meta Tags

Meta tags are what people see in Google before deciding to visit the actual site. If possible, it’s a good idea to use a Meta Title and Description that will encourage someone to follow the link. It’s no secret that search engines tend to lean more and more heavily on usage data to determine rankings. This is exactly how negative content can make it quickly to the top by using sensationalistic keywords like Scam, Ripoff, etc. If people are Googling the client and clicking on the link, it will likely rise in the search results. This isn’t something that can be manipulated, but it’s important information you can use to your advantage when creating sites for clients. For more information on this please click here.


10 Things Repumatic Can Do For Your Clients

#1 Instantly launch Branding Sites for Clients
These look great in your Clients’ search results. Take a look at a typical branding site – In this case the client name is “Repujazz”. You will have access to over 170 branding sites on premium domains.

#2 Instantly Launch Review Portals for Clients
The online review industry is a mess, and many local businesses are at the mercy of fake reviews and negativity bias. With Repumatic you can launch Review Portals for your clients that you can fully control. You decide which reviews do and do not get published, and you can also add in the Clients’ past testimonials. Here is a typical Review Portal in the medical niche – in this case the Clients’ name is “Dr William Repujazz”.

#3 Time Saving Bulk Actions
Let’s say you have a network of 20 branding sites for one client and want to add a link on each site to the Clients’ Facebook and Twitter. This process takes under 10 seconds with Repumatics’ bulk actions.

#4 Full White Labeling Capability
You can ditch the Repumatic logo and put your brand in it’s place. You can even keep your domain in the browser bar through a simple iframe tag in the background. You have the option to allow clients to login to their campaign, view progress and add/edit posts themselves if you choose to give them access. We can also setup a login page for you and your clients at This is an abbreviation for Reputation Control Center. Rep.CC is not an actual brand and is not advertised anywhere. We can also provide instructions on setting up a customized login page on your domain name.

#5 Autoposting
In the world of Reputation Management, autoposting sure makes things a lot easier. You can have a writer write 5 articles about Client A and 50 brief 3-5 sentence updates. You can login to Repumatic and select 5 branding sites that you would like to post the 5 articles too. You can then upload a text file containing 10 updates for each site and specify that you would like an update posted every 10 days for the next 100 days. (Coming Soon – Autoposting on your Word Press domains and other Web Properties all from the Control Center).

#6 Speed Ranker
We all know you need backlinks. Backlinks help the content get indexed faster and tend to give the new content a push in Google. Speed Ranker is an optional low cost service that utilizes our data entry team. We manually submit the URLs you specify to 120+ Social Media and Bookmarking sites. You don’t even have to type in the URLs, Link Titles, or Descriptions in your order. Just click on “Autofill”, and Repumatic will pull from the data in your client’s campaign. You also have the option to type the order in manually. Each Speed Ranker Submission is charged a wholesale rate of $20.

#7 Give your Clients’ other Positive Press a Boost
Ideally, your client’s need other web sites that rank in the top 50 under their name to link to their positive press or social media accounts. This can be done easily in the Control Center. Once you launch a network of branding sites in Repumatic, you can instantly place links to the clients’ positive press from the network of branding/review sites you launched in the Control Center.

#8 Danger Notifications
Clients like to know if they are mentioned on a danger site, like pissedconsumer, ripoffreport, etc. It also reinforces the feeling that you are on top of things. In Repumatic, you can enter your clients keywords ie “Wilson Electric, Wilson Electric Inc, Wilson Electric LA”. Repumatic will check daily for any use of those keywords on a danger site and send you an alert.

#9 Switch Between Client Accounts
There is a quick drop down menu at the top of your Control Center. This is where you quickly switch between client accounts. Do you need to launch 5 new branding sites for John Wilson? Click the drop down menu, select John Wilson, select Add Branding Sites. Now do you need to setup autoposting for Mountain Financial? Select Mountain Financial at the top then click Autoposting.

#10 Low Fees based on Size and Growth
There are no setup or licensing fees to white label Repumatic. There are also no long term contracts. We charge a monthly fee that is over 75% off the retail price per client. You can get started for as little as $90/Month and run up to 4 separate reputation management campaigns.

## BONUS ##
Cool new features coming soon! The ability to manage and autopost to your clients’ WordPress Domains from the Control Center, the same ability to do so with other web properties like blogspot, wordpress, and quickly launch and post to press release networks, etc. We are rolling out even more in 2014.

There is a no questions asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Click here to get started.



White Labeling Repumatic







Do you represent a company that may be interested in white labeling Repumatic? Great, please fill in your information here

We are finalizing  V 1.0 of the reseller backend that will provide the following features,

– One master login that will allow you to instantly switch between client accounts.
– Low pricing levels. You can start small and work your way up.
– Full white labeling capability. Easily replace the Repumatic logo with your brand.
– No setup fees. No long term contracts.
– You set your own pricing. Use Repumatic by itself or in addition to your current Reputation Management process.
– Instantly launch Branding sites and Controlled Review portals for clients.
– Give your client’s a custom login to the backend where they only see their account and your logo (optional).
– Much more to come!



Custom Branding Site Initiative

One project we are working on is making branding/review sites that members can customize. We are excited to show you our first customizable branding site available to Repumatic Business Users. We started with a Repumatic Review Site in the Hospitality industry –  Initially the top banner showed palm trees and the words “Vacation Review” scrolled across the center.  That design however made the review site too niche focused. It would make sense for a bed and breakfast in Key West but not a Ski Resort in Breckeridge, CO.

So, if you activate this review site in Repumatic you will notice a new customization icon next to the branding site.




Click the custimization icon and you are given multiple options for the background header such as; palm trees, mountains, cityscape, and custom. With the custom option you can upload any image you choose to the header.











This is our first step toward branding/review site customization. We will be taking giant leaps in the near future. Stay tuned!