Free Online Defamation Monitor

Defamation cases are growing worldwide by over 20% a year. With the help of the internet, a single case of defamation can potentially reach millions of people in less than 24 hours. Because online defamation and the damage it causes continue to spiral out of control, the team at Repumatic created a tool specifically built for tracking online defamation.

It all starts with the Defamation Database.  The community at Repumatic continues to add to an extensive database of web sites that encourage people to post their opinions about another person or business.  When Repumatic scans a name and matches it to a site in the Defamation Database, it sends an alert to the user. The alert contains a link to the potential defamation with tips on the defamatory site and ways to potentially alleviate damage.

To get started, login to your Free Repumatic account and click Reputation Monitoring >> Defamation Monitor