Share This feature added

Repumatic users can now automatically include a share bar in the bottom of their posts. This will make it easier for visitors to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and other social media sites.




To see the Share Bar in action click here.

By default the Share Bar is automatically added when publishing a post. You can choose to leave it out by unchecking the Share Bar box.



Repumatic Review Sites are Live!

Repumatic Business Users can now launch Review Sites from within the Repumatic Control Center. The basic concept is to move review sites like these that you fully control higher in your search results.

Check out some of these sample accounts on Repumatic Review Sites,

We are also launching Repumatic Niche Based Review sites. Check out these sample accounts,

You can manage your reviews quickly and efficiently from the Repumatic Control Center. This feature comes standard with a Repumatic Business account. There are no additional costs.



Contact Box and Google Maps

If you are a Business user with a local storefront you should make sure to enable the Contact Box feature in your Repumatic Control Center. The Contact Box is displayed at the top of your branding sites. You can include as little or as much information here as you would like. Once you input your address Google maps is automatically integrated.





You can make the Contact Box blend in or stick out according to your preference by using the Color picker in the settings area. This will allow you to control the background and border color of the Contact Box.



Get to your Repumatic Control Panel 5 seconds faster. Type REP.CC


We noticed it takes on average 6.4 seconds to type in in a browser window and click the Control Center link in the top right. We decided to launch a short domain specifically for accessing your Repumatic Control Center.

Just type in REP.CC

This will take you directly to your Repumatic Control Center and the process takes about 1.4 seconds. If you pull up your Control Center five times a day than you will save 25 seconds a day, 12.5 minutes a month, and 2 1/2 hours a year that you would have spent entering in and clicking the Control Center link.