10 Things Repumatic Can Do For Your Clients

#1 Instantly launch Branding Sites for Clients
These look great in your Clients’ search results. Take a look at a typical branding site – http://repujazz.echievement.com/ In this case the client name is “Repujazz”. You will have access to over 170 branding sites on premium domains.

#2 Instantly Launch Review Portals for Clients
The online review industry is a mess, and many local businesses are at the mercy of fake reviews and negativity bias. With Repumatic you can launch Review Portals for your clients that you can fully control. You decide which reviews do and do not get published, and you can also add in the Clients’ past testimonials. Here is a typical Review Portal in the medical niche – http://reviewmd.org/repujazzmd in this case the Clients’ name is “Dr William Repujazz”.

#3 Time Saving Bulk Actions
Let’s say you have a network of 20 branding sites for one client and want to add a link on each site to the Clients’ Facebook and Twitter. This process takes under 10 seconds with Repumatics’ bulk actions.

#4 Full White Labeling Capability
You can ditch the Repumatic logo and put your brand in it’s place. You can even keep your domain in the browser bar through a simple iframe tag in the background. You have the option to allow clients to login to their campaign, view progress and add/edit posts themselves if you choose to give them access. We can also setup a login page for you and your clients at www.rep.cc This is an abbreviation for Reputation Control Center. Rep.CC is not an actual brand and is not advertised anywhere. We can also provide instructions on setting up a customized login page on your domain name.

#5 Autoposting
In the world of Reputation Management, autoposting sure makes things a lot easier. You can have a writer write 5 articles about Client A and 50 brief 3-5 sentence updates. You can login to Repumatic and select 5 branding sites that you would like to post the 5 articles too. You can then upload a text file containing 10 updates for each site and specify that you would like an update posted every 10 days for the next 100 days. (Coming Soon – Autoposting on your Word Press domains and other Web Properties all from the Control Center).

#6 Speed Ranker
We all know you need backlinks. Backlinks help the content get indexed faster and tend to give the new content a push in Google. Speed Ranker is an optional low cost service that utilizes our data entry team. We manually submit the URLs you specify to 120+ Social Media and Bookmarking sites. You don’t even have to type in the URLs, Link Titles, or Descriptions in your order. Just click on “Autofill”, and Repumatic will pull from the data in your client’s campaign. You also have the option to type the order in manually. Each Speed Ranker Submission is charged a wholesale rate of $20.

#7 Give your Clients’ other Positive Press a Boost
Ideally, your client’s need other web sites that rank in the top 50 under their name to link to their positive press or social media accounts. This can be done easily in the Control Center. Once you launch a network of branding sites in Repumatic, you can instantly place links to the clients’ positive press from the network of branding/review sites you launched in the Control Center.

#8 Danger Notifications
Clients like to know if they are mentioned on a danger site, like pissedconsumer, ripoffreport, etc. It also reinforces the feeling that you are on top of things. In Repumatic, you can enter your clients keywords ie “Wilson Electric, Wilson Electric Inc, Wilson Electric LA”. Repumatic will check daily for any use of those keywords on a danger site and send you an alert.

#9 Switch Between Client Accounts
There is a quick drop down menu at the top of your Control Center. This is where you quickly switch between client accounts. Do you need to launch 5 new branding sites for John Wilson? Click the drop down menu, select John Wilson, select Add Branding Sites. Now do you need to setup autoposting for Mountain Financial? Select Mountain Financial at the top then click Autoposting.

#10 Low Fees based on Size and Growth
There are no setup or licensing fees to white label Repumatic. There are also no long term contracts. We charge a monthly fee that is over 75% off the retail price per client. You can get started for as little as $90/Month and run up to 4 separate reputation management campaigns.

## BONUS ##
Cool new features coming soon! The ability to manage and autopost to your clients’ WordPress Domains from the Control Center, the same ability to do so with other web properties like blogspot, wordpress, and quickly launch and post to press release networks, etc. We are rolling out even more in 2014.

There is a no questions asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Click here to get started.