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Q: What are some of the best ways to build a protective wall around your brand to prevent future attacks and negative content?
A: The main thing is to get out of the mindset of creating one profile site with some links to your social media accounts. There are a variety of platforms built around this concept. Yes, that one site will probably move onto your front page in search engines and that one site linking to your social media accounts will provide a very slight boost for those sites as well. But when you search any name, whether it’s in Google, Yahoo, or Bing. There is page 1 with 10 listings, page 2 with another 10 listings, page 3 with another 10 etc. That is the format we have to work with. So you have to get out of the mindset of creating one site that will occupy a single listing and move to the mentality of creating a network of sites that will move into the top 30. Then backlink your positive press with that network. That is how you make your search results competitive and protect yourself from negative attacks. The Reumatic platform is built around this simple truth.

Q: Outside of businesses and brands, how are everyday people being affected by negative attacks and what can they do to protect themselves?
A: For many people it’s something like a DUI and now their mugshot is the first thing that shows up when you search their name. Online stalker type cases are also pretty common as well as misinformation in search engines. Times have changed so much in the last decade. When we want information it’s ingrained in us all to go to search engines. It’s a good idea to regularly search your name and additional keywords like location, company and survey the results. You may find something extremely negative appearing, but it could be someone else with a similar name. Don’t just move on because that’s not you. If an HR manager stumbles across that site and quickly moves onto the next applicant than this listing is officially your problem. You need to start building out more positive content on multiple sites and linking to the sites you want to rank higher. This will put pressure on that site and you should see it fall to page 2, 3 etc over time.

Q: For an individual or brand that wants to take action right now, what is your best advice on how to research, analyze and improve one’s online reputation?
A: If you have some funds to work with and are short on time then you can hire a Reputation Management service. If you need to go 100% DIY then remember to adopt the mindset of building a network, not a single site with some links. Remember this one thing and you should be good – I need to create multiple sites on multiple hosts with unique content that I keep updated.

To read the full interview click here.