Custom Branding Site Initiative

One project we are working on is making branding/review sites that members can customize. We are excited to show you our first customizable branding site available to Repumatic Business Users. We started with a Repumatic Review Site in the Hospitality industry –  Initially the top banner showed palm trees and the words “Vacation Review” scrolled across the center.  That design however made the review site too niche focused. It would make sense for a bed and breakfast in Key West but not a Ski Resort in Breckeridge, CO.

So, if you activate this review site in Repumatic you will notice a new customization icon next to the branding site.




Click the custimization icon and you are given multiple options for the background header such as; palm trees, mountains, cityscape, and custom. With the custom option you can upload any image you choose to the header.











This is our first step toward branding/review site customization. We will be taking giant leaps in the near future. Stay tuned!



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