10 ways Reputation Management Software can Help You Land a Big Job

It is now estimated that over 80% of employers Google job seekers. Here are 10 ways you can use Reputation Management Software to help you land that next big job.

1)      Add professional photos to your Google image results

That one of you holding up a margarita and yelling at the camera seemed like a good idea at the time. Your potential  employer probably did the same thing last weekend, but he is looking to hire someone who is more serious than he is.  That’s how he got where he is today. Reputation Management Software platforms like Repumatic allow you to add photos to your branding sites. Multiple photos on multiple domains will fill up those Google image results with nice, professional photos. Wow, you look so put together. Win!

2)      Build links to your positive sites

Remember that story about the time you jumped in front of an 18 wheeler to save a cat? It made the local newspapers, but it’s on page 3 of your Google results. Plus, your potential employer loves cats! That’s blatant internet injustice. With Reputation Management Software, you can build links to that story. Why? Well, links sort of count like votes in Google. Building links to the content should help it rise in the ranks when people Google you.

3)      Give your social media sites a boost

Would you rather have a million dollars or a million followers? Followers of course, right? Most Reputation Management Software platforms have tools to help streamline your social media posting and increase popularity.

4)      Get Reputation Management tips and tricks

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned shortcut? Many Reputation Management Software platforms provide tips and tricks to speed up your reputation results in Google and other search engines.

5)      Suppress the sites you don’t like in your Google results

Someone with your name streaked at a high school basketball game back in the day. This is an immediate turnoff to a potential employer. Even if it wasn’t you, it’s still your problem. Your future boss just clicked the link and is already moving on to the next applicant. They don’t want you running naked on your last day at the office. Reputation Management Software provides tools that are designed to maximize your positive exposure in Google and minimize the stuff you don’t want there. It’s not an easy process, but without the right tools it’s near impossible.

6)      Create branding sites to help fill up your Google results

Because you’re super interesting! No, not just to your parents and grandparents. That’s a lie. You are especially interesting to someone who is deciding whether or not they want to hire you. Branding sites give the employer more than just generic info about previous places you worked. They also look great in your Google results. Reputation Management Software platforms like Repumatic allow to you to choose from over 170 branding sites on premium domains. You can launch one for your career accomplishments, travel diary, poetry, just about anything that interests you. By segmenting the branding sites on multiple domains, they take up more positive space in your Google results and strengthen your web presence. Give the employer a nice, informative, sampling of quality content when they Google you.

7)      Receive an alert if people are talking about you online

You sell human hair and you deliver? That’s what it says on Craigslist.  Your friend thought it would be a funny practical joke. But your future employer is confused and freaked out right now. What if your friend forgot he posted that and you don’t regularly Google yourself either? That ad has probably been sitting in your top 10 Google results for months. The same loser friend told you to keep your head up during your fruitless job search. Reputation Management Software usually has built in monitoring solutions that let you know ASAP if someone is messing with you online.

8)      Impress your potential employer with a large, well rounded web presence

Wow, you are active on social media. There are multiple professional sites showing your work history. Your potential employer is now reading a site in your search results that details a mission trip you took to Mexico. You strike her as focused and self-disciplined. Hired!

9)      Protect your Google results from future attacks

Congratulations! You got the job! Now after only 12 months you are up for a promotion. That means you are probably getting Googled again by somebody. That somebody plays a significant role in whether or not you receive that promotion. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but you recently broke up with someone who is currently calling you mean names on various web pages you’ve never heard of. You check your Google results. Ahhhh. Those comments are having a tough time moving to page 1 of your search results since so many other positive sites are filling up the space. Reputation Management Software is built to help you control your first few pages of search results.

10)   Career Legacy

Can you Google your great grandparents and get a wealth of information in the search results? Probably not, but wouldn’t that be cool if you could? You’re great grandkids will be able to Google you and they will definitely be interested in what they find.  They will probably have to sort through hundreds of pages of misinformation, public databases, and the like. With Reputation Management Software like Repumatic you can move the sites you approve of with authentic information higher in your Google results.

Your Search Results are vital in your job hunt and future career plans. Take Control of them with a solid Reputation Management strategy and software platform.

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